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Welcome D-I-Y home automation enthusiasts!

At this point the purpose of this website is to find out if is there is interest big enough to start a production of the units. If you like the project and think you could use it in your builds, please submit the survey form on the bottom of the page.


It was year 2021. I was searching for a recuperation solution that I could add to my house automation. I didn’t want standalone units that I have no control over. Units that I need to go in the room and use remote to control it. I cannot even go to some rooms that I rent out. So, I decided to make my own. I built 10 units and since then (running 24/7, changing air direction on every minute) not even one had any issues. Now I can say I feel confident the unit works as designed and can be offered the world if there is an interest.



  • PCB operation

It is basically a PWM-to-DC voltage converter.

  • Total in-wall design

Everything is placed inside the wall, therefore not a single part is visible. It does not interfere with your house design in any way. You can buy any color or material indoor/outdoor grill that matches your house design. You can even 3d print it.

  • Wi-fi operation only

The unit has no local controls and no power on switches. It is designed to be always ON, keeping a constant connection with the MQTT broker/server. It eliminates the user to switch off the device by will. Example: rented rooms, apartments, hotels…

  • Powered by ESP-01 Module and Tasmota firmware

The unit is powered by ESP-01 Module, flashed with Tasmota firmware. Version 2 (currently in development), is based on Nodemcu D1 mini Wemos Usb Type C for easier user management.

  • MQTT protocol

MQTT protocol needs no introductions. The init works with any MQTT automation software.

  • Two high-quality fans 140mm/1500rmp

From a very silent night (almost non-audible) mode to an extremely powerful mode when you need to vent the place ASAP.

  • Input voltage

120-220V AC

  • Installation

Minimum wall tube diameter = 150mm

    • Versatile usage.

    Traditional recuperators each have their own app or software. It is usually limited, soon outdated, and above all, cannot talk to any other device in the house. This unit will integrate as any other MQTT device in your network, allowing for endless automation action possibilities. Since it has no logic on its own, all actions are triggered by Home Automation Software. That allows for much more than traditional recuperators.

    Just a few examples:

      • Multi-unit sync for efficient airflow. When using more units, which is recommended, units need to be synchronized for efficient airflow.
      • Summer and Winter mode intervals.
      • Different power during day/night or when no motion is detected.
      • Bathroom mode: 20min full force out airflow when using bathroom/shower. Triggered by a light switch or door sensor.
      • Fireplace mode: When fireplace mode all units can work as intake providing oxygen for a fireplace.


    • Air Filters

    You can add any filter you like (G4-7,EPA, HEPA and ULPA…).

    • Customizable

    Esp modules can be flashed using other firmware such as ESP Home, Arduino, etc. The unit can be also converted to a stand-alone unit, for example. Possibilities are countless.

    If you are interested, please submit the survey form.

    Thank you!

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